Monday, April 29, 2013

5. A Black Cat

My morning started off with a black cat, and everything went downhill from there. Normally, I'm not very superstitious, but today, it had me thinking...

  1. I left the house to meet up with a friend: I was early, she was late.
  2. I went to the bank to pay off my Visa fees and had a heart attack at how much I had to pay.
  3. The University Bookstore's system broke down so I couldn't sell books back to them until tomorrow.
  4. My bike had been knocked down and was lying on the dirt ground helplessly.
  5. I had to put up my bike on the bus myself, twice. And bring it down again, twice.
  6. The chain on my bike fell.
  7. I had to push the bike back to my house, uphill.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I moved out of residence yesterday and last night was my first time back. It made me really nostalgic and made me miss my home a lot. But, when the feelings settle down and it comes down to it, I think I preferred my room at the university more than my room back home. However, I prefer the environment back home much more than that at the university. I hope I will be able to decorate my room now in order to satisfy my lust for pretty interior design that will make me feel relaxed rather than annoyed. The furniture I can't throw away because I don't have money to buy new ones, and I can't paint the walls because that costs money too. And time. And effort. Mostly effort, which I just don't feel like giving. Especially since it is finally time to relax!

Friday, April 19, 2013


I went out today because I did not want to study. I'm glad I did because I bought a really nice black hi-low dress from Urban Outfitters. Reduced from 59$ to 10$! I went to a candy shop with my friend as well and there were a lot of candies to choose from! In the end, I bought two lollipops and a Kinder Surprise! I also discovered a new Japanese restaurant with a friend and we ordered way too much because we didn't know what to expect! The day went from a beautiful, sunny day to a wet and cold night from the time we entered the restaurant to the time we left. It was still a fun day nevertheless.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I went out for dinner tonight and took a walk back home. The night sky was beautiful and the walkway lights illuminated the atmosphere. It was a great night for an after dinner walk. It made me remember the days when I would take walks after dinner with my family, gazing at the night sky and just talking about our days.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Exam season and I came down with a cold. After the second last exam today, I went shopping with a friend and bought a cute denim shirt with adorable button details and a lace white dress I've been eyeing for for a long time. Finally caught it on an amazing sale! The day was beautiful today, couldn't resist taking some pictures!