Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review Session | March 2015

Continuing on with January and February's review of my New Year Resolutions, here is the review for the month of March.

  1. Don't be like a firecracker. I feel that I'm doing a lot better on this... not sure if because I'm used to the annoyance around the place I'm staying at or because I've just give up.
  2. Be nice. More or less I think.
  3. Work hard, play harder. Definitely been working hard again since Final Season is slowly creeping upon us, as well as final papers deadlines are right around the corner. 
  4. Exercise and lose some weight. Still on a low carb diet and have been trying to eat out less. I also participated in Storm the Wall (little exercise better than no exercise).
  5. Step out of my comfort zone. Had to step out of my little bubble during club events and introducing myself to people within the Department and just basically talking to strangers or acquaintances. 
  6. Forgive and forget. Since I can't really remember anything, I guess that means I've done a pretty good job so far on forgetting?
  7. Cross something off my bucket list. Storm the Wall - check!
  8. Conquer one fear. There was this bug in the bathtub. It was big and hairy. It was orange. My roommate J wouldn't tell me what it was called. I had her help with flushing it down the drain after bathing the (insert desired word here) in scorching hot water.
  9. Phone is friend, not food. I need to work on this... especially during class.
  10. Speak quieter and nicer. I think I need to work on the "speak quieter" part again.
  11. Have patience. Maybe... but not too sure now that so many deadlines are coming up. We'll see, I guess.
  12. Eat Clean. Doing better since I've decreased the amount of times I'm eating out, and still sticking to a low carb diet.
Hopefully, I'll do a lot better for next month!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Storm the Wall

This week and last, I participated in UBC's renowned Storm the Wall event. Like I said in my Week in Week in Review | 002 post, Storm the Wall is like a triathlon but with five events, consisting of swimming, sprinting, biking, running, and storming the wall. The infamous wall is 12 feet high (like the Berlin Wall) and our just for fun team challenged it this week and last in getting over it.

Our Power Ranger poses.

For those who have not yet participated in this event, but are contemplating on joining it for next year, let me tell you a big reason why not to join, and half a dozen on why you should.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Wonders | 001

This past weekend was both relaxing and fun. On Saturday, my roommate J and I ordered pizza for lunch as Dominoes was having a 50% off their pizza.

We got a half-and-half pizza and customized it to our taste: salami and pineapple (with no cheese) and sausage and mushroom (with cheese). They tasted alright but I wished the dough was a bit thinner... I prefer topping over bread.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


On Friday, our itinerary looked something like this: dinner, movie, dessert.

We had dinner at the most talked about restaurant in 2014: Ask for Luigi. Since we arrived early, we were seated fairly quickly and just made it before the cut off for waitlist. Perfect timing.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Week in Review | 002

I hope this Week in Review becomes a weekly thing that I will be able to keep up with. How hard is it to snap a few pictures, edit said pictures, write something creative while enlisting the help of these filtered pictures, and to follow Larry Horn's Q- and R-Principles?

Hopefully, not too difficult.

The weather was beautiful today! Albeit a bit cold, but at least the sun was out and not a rain cloud in sight! I feel so light and airy when the weather is like this - I feel like being nice to anything and everything.

But then, the fresh, cold air made it a bit hard to breathe... I think it was a bit too cold for my nose....

I did manage to take a #OOTD picture for today though. I wore my new shirt that I bought last week with a pair of shorts and tights, finished off with my usual boots.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week in Review | 001

It's been a very busy week, and to think that the weekend is already almost over yet I still have work piled on top of each other... I can't wait for that little short break between the end of Finals Season and the beginning of summer term.

But, at least this week has been alright. I got my two new phone cases in the mail - one baby pink and one in mint. Although I didn't see much of B this week, we managed to grab a quick lunch together near campus. As usual, can't go wrong with Korean food.

I have also been obsessed over this pair of Adidas, in collaboration with Stan Smith. I love how minimalist the colour and design of the shoe is, yet still has that edge and quirk with the leopard print at the back - not too little, and not too much - just perfect. If I get a job this summer, I will buy this pair to finally replace my old, old Adidas from my high school days.

Can't forget about the abundance of cherry blossoms blooming here on Campus as well! So much pink everywhere! I love it.

I went back home for the weekend and played with my loving labrador, Winston. We played fetch for a long while and I only sustained a few injuries from the duration of our playtime together:

  • a claw to the leg
  • a butt to the head (aka. headbutt), and
  • a bite to the butt (unfortunately, the actual butt this time)
But, no big deal - love conquers all, right? (Love is pain, I still have these bruises)

It looks like it'll be another busy week ahead of me, I better get back to work!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

156. Dreams: Bears

It's no secret among my friends that I like cute things like stuffed animals. They're soft, plush, and come in all shapes and sizes to cater to everyone's favourite animal, which is of course, the bear (no bias here).

Last night I had a weird dream where we went out driving at night and spotted a big mama bear with her cub while taking a midnight stroll. The mama bear was trying to hold the baby bear back as we were trying to book it back to the car. However, as we were putting in our seat belts and trying to start the car, we can see the baby bear just charging at us, leaving its mama behind. As we see this scene unfold in front of us, in disbelief, we whip out our  handy dandy magical spray that repels bears. As the baby cub continues to charge at the car, and somehow managed to jump high enough to make it through the window, which was all the way down for one odd reason or the other, we kept spraying the magical bear-repellent spray at it. However, the bear did not cease its super-animal-like powers and landed in my lap. But, it turned out that he wasn't a ferocious beast at all, but had somehow turned all fluffy and soft - just like a stuffed animal! He had all the soft and cuddly features of a stuffed animal, but without the dead eyes and fake fur that usually came with it. As I was about to wake up, I remember petting this cute cub in my dreams and just staring into its big, wide, cartoon-like eyes.

It was a weird, but somewhat pleasant dream.

On another note, the weather today was foggy, then somewhat sunny, then foggy again. I hope it'll clear up tomorrow. At most, I hope it won't rain at least.

Monday, March 9, 2015

155. Monday Blues

Not the blues meaning sad and melancholy, but the blues meaning the colour of the stripes on my new shirt because I went shopping today!

It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining amidst clear, blue skies, and I thought why waste it at home when I can go downtown and shop instead? If the weather forecast is right, then the rest of the week will be gloomy and cloudy, and worst of all - rainy. So, I took my chance and went shopping on this sunny day.

I bought a new pair of cute ballet flats with ribbons from Aldo, and a striped top from Vero Moda from their Vero Moda in Blue collection. I just love ribbons, in case you couldn't tell from both the shoes and the shirt.

After shopping and walking around downtown, we went to grab dinner at Norboo Korean Restaurant. We ordered fried squid, seafood hot pot, and kimchi and pork pancake. It was a very filling meal. I can also eat spicy things now! All these years of building up my tolerance is totally worth all the Korean food I can finally eat!

A good start to the week!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

154. Spring Forward

Fall back, Spring forward! Daylight Savings time and it's International Women's Day! To all the women out there, you are beautiful!

This is what I've been up to during this gorgeous spring weather full of sun and pink petals falling.

B is leaving for co-op this summer and I got him Danbo (from Yotsuba & !) as a Milly substitute.

Also went out with Pumpkin on Friday with a couple of other friends since she's returning back to her university soon. We went downtown and I introduced her to my beloved Kintaro Ramen.

I went back to my parents' place this weekend since it was my dad's birthday this past week. I brought back my polariod camera and took a few pictures with my parents. Guess who's their favourite child now? That's right - me.

Monday, March 2, 2015

153. Weekend in Gastown

Pictures from the past weekend, mainly in Gastown.

(Both: cherry blossoms in bloom on campus!)

(Left: #OOTD | Right: quick brunch in Richmond)

(Both: the landmark in Gastown - the steam clock)

(Left: a cute sign | Right: thought the name was funny because my dog is called Winston)

Other than that, bought some cute wrapping paper when I was at Daiso, as well as some groceries. Also  picked up a new toner to try. It's Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Toner. I heard about this from a friend who has really, really nice skin. Hopefully this will help me get as nice a skin as her's!