Monday, March 24, 2014

106. A Dilemma

My personality is one that tends to keep everything bottled up inside instead of talking it out with someone, which is why around winter time in December, I explode. But, only once per year at that time. I realized that this was not good for my health and started to release some things that I usually keep bottled up to trusted good friends. However, sometimes instead of feeling good about it afterwards, I feel not so good.

I'm not the type of person to talk about people behind their backs. I find it dishonest and immoral. I also feel like a horrible person when I do. But, I usually don't do it unless they really burst my bubble and go to the extremes beyond what is accepted as a good and respectable human being.

When I do complain about them, I feel like a big, fat weight was lifted up from my shoulders. But, afterwards, I feel bad that I complained about them... even though I usually have very good reasons to!

What are you suppose to do in these kinds of situations? Where if you don't tell someone and just keep it bottled up, it distracts you from doing other things and messes you up, but if you do tell someone, you feel bad afterwards nonetheless?

What a dilemma.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

105. Worst Nightmare

One of my worst nightmares came to life today.

My first class was cancelled so that made the beginning of my day pretty good, but my second class of the day was when it all started.

I walked to the building using a different route than usual because I wasn't rushing from class to class today, and as I've basically just gotten out of bed and still wasn't quite awake yet, I walked up three flights of stairs to reach my class. As I got to my destination, the doors to the hallway were closed. I tried pushing and pulling on the doors, but they both didn't budge. Suddenly, someone from behind me asked "Do you need something?" Startled, I turned back and sheepishly asked, "Isn't this the third floor?" And this man replied, "No, this is where the labs are... on the fourth floor." So, I basically walked up three flights of stairs thinking three flights = third floor and embarrassed myself first thing in the morning. Lovely, just lovely.

After that mini incident, I walk back down to the right floor this time, and go to the washroom seeing as I still had some time left before class started. And it was a good thing I did because just when I was done washing my hands and throwing out the paper towel, the fire alarm went off. This is the first time I have ever experience a fire alarm going off inside a building (first year residences don't count).

Once I heard the alarm, I bounced. I bee-lined for the door and walked back down two flights of stairs to get out. I started seeing other groups pouring out and found my classmates. Shortly after, a firetruck came. It wasn't anything serious, in fact, it was probably a prank seeing as how none of the firefighters were in their full gears and uniforms and just took their sweet time.

This whole incident took around twenty minutes. The lecture still went on, I still walked up five flights of stairs and down three flights of them before class even started, and one of my worst nightmares came true: having the fire alarm ringing when I'm in the washroom. Well, it was a good thing that I went first, I guess.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

104. What's Happening

If you got the reference to B1A4 (Korean boy group) song, What's Happening or What's Going On, you are cool.

Here's what's been happening recently in pictures!


It snowed pretty hard during one weekend (and snowed a bit again this weekend) that there were lots of snowmen created. There were a lot of interesting snowmen built on campus (including a fail Totoro).

I went to Tim Horton's for lunch to eat and study and got their Chili soup combo. I took out all the red beans in the soup because I don't like red beans (and didn't want to have gas haha), and when they were all out, I realized the beans made up about 1/8 of the soup.

I got my first Instax camera! It's FujiFilm's Instax Mini 8 in a cute baby blue colour! The only thing I did with it was take it out of its bubble wrap, attach the string on it, put it back in its bubble wrap and then back in its box and into the closet. I still don't know when I should use it...!

I passed by The Bay on my way back from a trip with a friend and always wanted to take a picture of this gigantic white moose sculpture they have on display. It's pretty cool. Next time I want to get a picture next to it!

That's pretty much what has been happening. Starting next week my schedule is all booked up in preparation for a midterm for my major while juggling club activities and various assignments and essays from other courses.

This weekend isn't over yet and I can't wait for the next already!