Friday, May 31, 2013

20. Thanking Friday #1

I came across this post today and thought that it was a great idea to show my gratitude and express my thankfulness, as well as to look back and reminiscence of the things I'm grateful for every week. No matter small or big, everything should be appreciated to be able to enjoy all the wondrous things in life!

- The cookies I baked today came out great - visually appealing and tasty!
- The chicks are growing up healthily
- I have a watercolour set and a great, new brush that I can use whenever I feel an artistic mood kicking in
- The sun sets later - more sunlight (during the rare occasions)
- I really like my hairstyle right now! It's a medium-short (?) haircut curled inwards
- I finally have a new hairbrush that takes the static out of my hair

19. A Weather's Temper

A weather's temper is sure a sight to behold and a power to be feared. I was suppose to go out with a friend today to enjoy a promised sunny day, but the day greeted me with pouring droplets. I had already done my hair and makeup and with less than ten minutes to go, the rain started coming down. So, unfortunately, we had to save our date for another day. Instead, I made some sugar cookies. This time, I mixed the ingredients with the flour not by mixing it up normally, but slicing through it with a rubber spatula and folding it in like I would to a sponge cake; I wanted to create a fluffy texture for these sugar cookies even though they're meant to be biscuit-like. They turned out biscuit-like on the bottom, but airy and sense of fluff for the top. I was quite proud of myself!

These cookies were very easy to make and this recipe I found online is super simple and easy to follow! Unfortunately, I don't remember where this recipe came from because I copied it down my hand (when I, or someone else, finds it, I'll be sure to credit it here!). I will post the recipe up (with some of my own alterations) later on!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

18. Walking Among Fish

I am deleting my other blog so I decided to copy some posts over to this one because I really liked them. And because I can (haha). This is called Walking Among Fish and I really like the use of animals for weather.

"As I walked to my classes and back to home, constantly there were fish, cats, and dogs following me. They were everywhere, and did not show a sign of ceasing their continuous following. The cats and dogs were falling out of the sky and created pools of water where I walked along with the fish. It was pouring pretty darn hard."

Sunday, May 26, 2013

17. Quick One

I went out shopping today, mostly for groceries, but I got some personal things as well (not sure if I can call them personal... rather, useful I guess?). I will write more tomorrow or day after (depends on how fast I finish this project I'm planning for tomorrow) with pictures. So, here are some pictures that I took later yesterday (before sun set of course, or what else to see).

Of course have to start out with my dog because he is just too adorable!

The sky colour by this time (contrast to earlier in the day as can be seen in previous post).

Stained, aged brick wall, which I really like the feel of!

Just some rocks, but I think all these pictures will be really nice if I used them as picture pages for a journal!

Friday, May 24, 2013

16. Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day (when the sun was out anyways) so I went out and took a few pictures. If I could, I would take a bunch of scenic pictures (with Winston, my dog, in some) and put it together as a journal book. Something like the Skywriting Journal.

Of course I would start out with my dog, Winston.

Trust me, this is good material for making my own Skywriting Journal! Just imagine the things you can write - and draw! - on this page!

The thick stick to the left of this picture is a lamp post. I can't believe it managed to photobomb this picture.

A potential candidate for journal as well, but maybe just make it a bit lighter/washed out.

And this would obviously be included!

Well, that's all. I'll try to take more pretty pictures and hopefully can create my own Skywriting Journal. It will probably be under a different theme though because I don't want to just take pictures of the sky, or else it'll be too repetitive (might as well go buy the Journal already published instead right)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

15. Ads and Anime

Recently, I have been watching some anime to pass time with (and procrastinate). But, every single video has at least four to six ads and it really annoys me because I just want to watch the next episode. And because I don't have much patience to begin with regarding technology (because I'm so bad at it), it takes some of the anticipation out.... So, I finally shared my sorrows and a friend suggested Ad Block, which has changed my life (literally)! Now, instead of waiting for ads to finish with several episodes on (so I can get rid of them in one go), I don't have to do that because Ad Block blocks all the ads! I can finally watch episode after episode uninterrupted! So happy! Here's a list of anime that I have watched. They are very nice and are great to pass the time with (very chill and helps you relax). They are all either comedic, romantic, or both (despite some being supernatural, they are still either comedic, romantic, or both)!

Polar Bear Cafe
My Little Monster
SKET Dance
Kids on the Slope
La storia della Arcana Famiglia
Inu X Boku Secret Service (supernatural)
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (supernatural mystery/detective genre)
Cuticle Detective Inaba (detective genre)

These can all be found on this site.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

11. Happy Mother's Day

Today is finally Mother's Day and I woke up to the sound of rain. After a whole week of beautiful sunshine, it had to end today of all days. Weather is so complicated. I didn't really do much this week, but I did go see Iron Man 3 with some friends. It was an amazing movie and Robert Downey Jr. is just gorgeous looking. I hope my future husband will be like him - ages well, very well. The script was great too - the sporadic comedic relief was perfect and there were a lot of epic scenes that just made me get goosebumps and shivers. It was a great production (and not the last one either)! 

As promised, here is the final result of what the shadowbox present looks like

I wanted to keep everything simple and clean so it can show off each of the different features. A black and white portrait of my mom with watercolour background, which is decorated with orange and blue lilies. Lilies represent motherhood, and I added in the blue for some complementary pop! It turned out really nice, I would say. Then, everything is wrapped up by the clean-cut, white box. i think it just finishes off the piece nicely.

I went grocery shopping yesterday with my mom, but my purpose was to restock Stash Herbal Tea: Acai Berry. Unfortunately, the store ran out, so I chose Meyer Lemon from the same brand. It is still a herbal tea and caffeine free, which I look for when buying tea, as well as "100% natural ingredients". But, I think I prefer Acai Berry more... or maybe it is because I'm used to it? We'll see. We also bought a big pack of Japanese genmaicha, which is brown rice tea. So it is healthy all around!

"Meyer Lemons are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange with a slightly sweet quality - a burst of lemon flavour without the lip puckering tartness. The juicy lemony taste and fragrant aroma of our Meyer Lemon herbal tea is a delight any time of day, hot or iced."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10. A New Member

Yesterday, a new member joined our family by the name of Mother Hen. She was slightly injured so was brought back to heal, while hopefully looking after the young ones. However, as this is her first time being a Mother, I think she is lost to what she's suppose to do. All she does is walk around, sleeping while standing, and not much in general.

While the Mother is still trying to figure herself out, she laid an egg last night! It was really cool! I have never seen a freshly laid egg and it was a very pale pink colour. The little chicks have grown quite a bit, except there is one that is slightly smaller than the rest. It moves slower than the others in terms of meal times, but also when frolicking, it is usually by herself. Hopefully, she will change that timidness.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

9. DIY Day

This morning, I took some tees that I bought a long time ago but never wore because they were quite boring. But, I spiced them up today with a simple technique - making bows on the back! It was a lot easier than I thought, but very time consuming! I used a ruler and chalk to outline where I needed to cut and simply used regular craft scissors to cut them. Then I hand sewn the ribbons together using leftover fabric as a band.

After that, I took a break by watching Polar Bear Cafe (a cute Japanese anime) and drinking Stash Herbal Tea: Acai Berry. It tastes sweet, yet sour, and is caffeine free.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

8. Mother's Day Preparations

Today, we took the chicks outside for quite a while to enjoy the great weather. We put them under a huge cabbage looking plant outside my room since it provided some shade and I can still watch after them. They took quite a liking to this new site and was exploring by going underneath the giant leaves and jumping from ground to stalk. Earlier on they had already walked and ran for quite a bit, and were tired by the time I relocated them here. This cute little one here fell asleep after a while.

While the chicks were playing by themselves and exploring, I started on my Mother's Day present because I thought it was tomorrow, until I realized an hour after I was almost done that it was actually next week. Oh well, at least I got most of my present done. It's a shadowbox picture frame with origami lilies (they took a long time to make).

I haven't finished the picture that's going to be in the middle yet. The picture is my mom sitting in a chair, and I have already inked it. Next up will be to add some colour with my favourite art medium: watercolour! I'll post up the final result on Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

7. Welcome to the Family

6 new chicks were introduced to the Family today and they are the chirp-est things ever. There is already a chick with strong presence and survival instincts that we have named the "Boss". She is the first to eat, and the first to drink. Others follow after her. A red tinted beak, very charismatic.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

6. Day at the Docks

It's a beautiful week and yesterday I went to a boat dock/playground/park with some friends. It was a lot of fun, especially at the playground! I really like see-saws, swings, and slides, but because the playground was small people sized, it was a bit difficult for my size to use, like the swings. After playing at the playground, we went to the dock to take some pictures! Here are some pictures I took along the way...