Thursday, June 5, 2014

112. +1 to the Family

Today, a new member has joined our family! Meet Lambo, a Siberian husky born July 2008!

Lambo and Winston got along really well right from the get go. I have never met another dog that could keep up with Winston; Winston would still want to keep playing and kept bothering other dogs when they just wanted to relax. I have never seen the roles reversed until today when Lambo kept urging Winston to get up and continue playing. Winston has finally met his match.

When they were relaxing and just chilling on the grass, laying beside each other, they even started talking to each other! I'm really happy Winston finally has a friend and they both have each other to keep one another company (and lose some weight together)!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

111. Action Plan

I always talked about going on a diet and was basically on a diet all throughout the winter session, but alas, near the end I gave up. It wasn't exactly giving up in the sense that I just flung up my arms and admitted defeat, but rather it's this reoccurring problem I have, which is that I love celebrating. Any celebration is an excuse to go out and eat. Hence, once I reached my weight goal, I went on a long celebration. Now, I'm just regretting it because I actually succeeded in dieting, but gave it all up just like that. Food shall be the end of me.

Anyways, to get myself back in the game, I signed up for one month of unlimited hot yoga. Yes - hot yoga. I went to my first session today and I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. I felt so good afterward, like all the muscles in my body just relaxed and I was walking with light steps. Some people often shy away from hot yoga because of the heat, and I was a bit worried at first, but it was actually pretty bearable for me.

I weighed myself in the morning before leaving for hot yoga and again afterwards when I got back home. The result? Exactly one pound lost. It's still too early to say "mission accomplished," but I will succeed this time and not only that, but maintain my weight!

Since it is the first week, the hot yoga place and my friend recommended that I go straight in a row for a couple of days to at least get use to the heat, so I'm planning on going every day of the week for the first week. After that, every other day so I can get at least three sessions in a week. But this week already looks promising because of the instant result I gained. I'm really looking forward to it!

So much for my big action plan. Second day and it already falls through. Mother Nature couldn't have come at a better time /sarcasm