Monday, September 30, 2013

77. A Legal Roommate

My roommate finally turned legal (meaning nineteen over here in Raincouver). Because her midterms are coming up (aka. tomorrow!), we didn't invite friends over. But, I tried to spice up our already cute and homey little home for this special occasion with some stringed royal purple balloons.

Because of the lighting (as you can see smacked right in the center of the picture), it looks ever so slightly better in black and white. And you can see what our Hermit Hole looks like too!

I bought her a new backpack (it's Jansport's infamous "hipster" Right Pack in Viking Red) as she wished for, and made a birthday card with her two cute cat stuffed animal decoration as models.

Monday, September 23, 2013

76. I Just Got A Letter

If you read the title with the Blue's Clues tune in mind, then you are pretty awesome! I loved watching Blue's Clues when I was a kid (and still guilty now!). It was one of my favourite shows. But, I like the original Steve more than the new Steve.... Anyways, back to the main point! I received a letter today from the ever amazing Pumpkin! Thank you!! Here's some pictures to show you how amazing she is! (Unfortunately, I didn't have my digital camera on hand, so I took it with my phone camera)

She made the envelope herself and aside from the generic Canada Post stamp, she has an adorable Le Petit Prince stamp with a picture of a sheep on it! Isn't that the most adorable thing ever? And she also has cute kitten stamp on it as well, and a cute dog sticker at the back!

Aside from the envelope, she also made the letter herself. It is expandable, and it is amazing. She drew the kitten and cute heart on and it's so amazing I even thought it was a stamp at first!

She also included this cute mini envelope and post card set, which was the final arrow to the heart. There's a funny looking monkey to seal the envelope and once you get past that, there's a mini postcard of two red bike-motorcycles (bikecycles?) and a message on the back.

I just wanted to share how amazing Pumpkin's letter was and it really brightened up my day. Not only is she very crafty, she's also a great artist! You can check out her blog here and her Tumblr here! You will not be disappointed!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

75. A Quick Update

Wow, I have not posted in a while now. Since school started, it's just been pretty busy everyday with endless assignments, readings, studying, club meetings, and basic household chores now that I'm living away from my parents. However, last night while skyping with Pumpkin, I discovered that my roommate has an amazing scanner that I can use to scan all my artworks. So, I've been doing that since breakfast and I am so happy because I don't have to go to the library to scan anymore when I can just scan at home! Here's some of my scans of my artwork from some time ago (the two journals). There are lots more on my Tumblr and I usually have more finished art on my Tumblr than here, where I post the artwork in-progress, and my thoughts on them.

Click on them to enlarge to see it more clearly!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

74. First Week Back

Finally, the first week back at the University! It took me two days to completely move in at my new place that I'm renting together with a good friend, and we finally got Internet on the sixth day! I'm so glad I have Internet again so I can stay connected with both friends and school work!

My new place is pretty spacious and we're still decorating it. I really like my desk area because it is very me. It has (fake) flowers, polariods and photo booth pictures hanging on the string, a cute mini calendar, pictures and (empty, but to-be-filled) picture frames, and other random cute bits and pieces that really make the area invitable and welcoming, so I actually feel happy when I work (at least that's the plan).

Other than the decoration, cooking for myself proved to be a bit difficult. So far, I have either ate out, made simple Japanese styled chicken curry for some friends, or just tomatoes and egg (with mushrooms and bean sprouts) for breakfast/lunch/dinner. I have yet to use my own rice cooker, which I was actually really looking forward to. Oh well, maybe next week.

Besides living away from my parents, school is also kicking in. This whole first week I was just running around trying to get everything on my planner done. Unfortunately, not everything has gone according to plan. Fortunately, however, one thing after another has been cleared up (amidst a lot of stress and hair pulling).

I haven't taken any pictures with my camera yet, which I am regretting because the Raincouver weather is finally kicking in. I'll try to take as many pictures as I can on my Vivitar so I can get them printed out and scanned in. That also reminded me to scan in my sketchbook pages using the University's scanner, which I hope, is at least of some decent quality.