Monday, October 28, 2013

78. Campus Walk

Since I haven't blogged for a bit nor gone on any exciting and fun outings, I decided to take my camera with me on the way to class today and snap a few pictures as I walked. The autumn weather was really nice today so I didn't do any editing to my pictures (partly because they are already so pretty looking, and partly because it would take too long... okay, mainly because it would take too long). Usually, I bike to all my classes because it's just so much more convenient and faster, and I get some exercise in my day as well. But, because the weather was just too nice to pass up the opportunity and I had lots of time to spare before my next class, I took a casual stroll to the campus. 

In this day and age of technology, you see everyone walking without direction with a phone in their hand texting, surfing the web, or playing with some phone apps. No one really stop and smell the roses along the way anymore and I feel that it is really unfortunate because there are so many little magical things to discover along the leaf-covered roads. I remember walking and biking up this one route next to a building many, many times where there was a waterway with some tall stalks of what looked like leeks built alongside the building. But, I never really paid any attention to it and just thought of it just another useless University installation and just continued my walk and minded my own business... until one day, with nothing to look at, I stared down at the waters and saw two bright orange goldfishes with long tails. I wanted to take a picture of it to show my friends, but before I could do that, they slipped underneath a drain. I guess it's little unrecoverable moments like these that are the better moments as it gets you thinking of what other little magical things you have missed because you were merely too busy staring down at a dumb device.

(This wasn't where I saw the little goldfishes, but it's similar to the long "water leeks" I was talking about)

After that encounter, I have begun to notice other magical things around the University that I have never noticed before or taken the time to, and through these pictures, I hope I'll be able to share some of these little bits of happiness or thoughts with you. Maybe they will inspire you to do the same!

What appears to be a boring, gray building has a fun side to it as well!I spy with my little eyes, something that is orange and is all the rage right now. 

This little park filled with stones that I often see young children with their parents playing at. I saw a family with two little kids playing with a telescope with their dad's help one time. It was really cute, but I wouldn't advise doing that in the daytime.

Look at these beautiful trees with the gold-coloured leaves. I wish gold apples grew on it as well!

These hills that I think would be pretty fun to roll down as they're not too steep. Or just run around on. That seems pretty fun too.

Then I saw these trees which didn't look like trees but just long pieces of branches stuck in one place in the ground. But, I think it'll look cool if something hanged from it, like garlands of hearts or something like that. Or maybe in the spirit of Hallowe'en, little ghosts dangling from the branches.

Then, I walked up to an on-campus college with this cool building that I always see half of when I pass by, never really going up the stairs to see the whole thing. I'm glad I did, because it is really cool. It'll be neat to sketch it as well!

Then at the same location as I turned around, I saw these cute benches with these overhanging things (not sure what they're called). I think you can hang just about anything here: ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, spiderwebs even. Or hearts. Hearts are nice. Oh, flowers would be really pretty! It could be a mini rose garden!

And then as I continued further onto Campus, I see another construction going on... as usual. But, this deserves a post entirely for itself as there is just too many things to say about the continuous construction, which I probably will not do because it's just not worth my time.

Then something reminded me of a reading I had to do in one of my classes called "The Garden of Forking Paths" as I saw that the University had many, many paths laid out on its campus, each leading to different destinations or point of destination. I thought it was pretty interesting.

And as I laid my eyes upon its golden wings, I stopped and stared as time seemed to stop for me to simply admire its grandness in all its beauty.

After admiring the grandness of nature, I took this picture of the building of where my next class was to be held, and noticed how I had never realized that despite the building looking old and dirty, the trees inside under an "open rooftop" looked really enchanting. I guess it's the gray, concrete material of the building contrasting with the sunlit nature inside its "womb".

Anyways, that was my walk. It was pretty fun, and I hope I'll be able to do it again as this isn't even a quarter of the size of the University. No wonder I bike everywhere.