Friday, November 29, 2013

84. Black Friday at Chapters

I splurged yesterday online at Chapter's and now I'm all set for anyone's birthday that suddenly pops up! Admit it, I bet you do it too. Anyways, part of my purchase has been shipped and I can't wait until they all get here! I'll just show what is on it's way, and once I get another email from Chapters saying the rest of my stuff has been shipped, I'll reveal more of what I bought! I'm so excited!! I love getting packages in the mail!

  1. Makassar's scented candle in Ebony & Peach
  2. Voluspa's scented candle in Mokara
  3. Voluspa's scented candle in French Cade & Lavender
  4. Flower and lace embossed leather journal
I actually received Voluspa's Mokara as an early Christmas present from a friend and truthfully, I don't like lighting candles, especially ones with an overwhelming scent even when it's not lighted. Because my friend knew this, she got me Mokara, which is light scented, so I usually just leave the lid open so there is some of it's light, classy scent, but not enough to overwhelm me. I really like it and the decorative tin it comes in is gorgeous. I love patterns (as you probably already know) and anything that's pretty, classy, sophisticated (without breaking the budget of course).