Monday, March 24, 2014

106. A Dilemma

My personality is one that tends to keep everything bottled up inside instead of talking it out with someone, which is why around winter time in December, I explode. But, only once per year at that time. I realized that this was not good for my health and started to release some things that I usually keep bottled up to trusted good friends. However, sometimes instead of feeling good about it afterwards, I feel not so good.

I'm not the type of person to talk about people behind their backs. I find it dishonest and immoral. I also feel like a horrible person when I do. But, I usually don't do it unless they really burst my bubble and go to the extremes beyond what is accepted as a good and respectable human being.

When I do complain about them, I feel like a big, fat weight was lifted up from my shoulders. But, afterwards, I feel bad that I complained about them... even though I usually have very good reasons to!

What are you suppose to do in these kinds of situations? Where if you don't tell someone and just keep it bottled up, it distracts you from doing other things and messes you up, but if you do tell someone, you feel bad afterwards nonetheless?

What a dilemma.