Thursday, May 1, 2014

110. End of Second Year

Second year officially ended yesterday and hence today commences the first day of summer vacation! "Vacation."

A lot has happened since I last blogged...

1. I'm no longer sexy, free, and single, but rather sexy, free, and taken.

2. Saw a seaplane up close for the first time.


3. Walked around Vancouver and saw this ginormous whale built with blocks at Waterfront.
4. Walked the whole seawall at Stanley Park and saw a swan close up for the first time. 

5. My growing fondness of Korean food. I love their side dishes and hot soups!

6. Went to an amazing piano recital.

7. Admired the interior design of buildings located on campus.


8. Walked around the University and found this really cool playground.


9. Finally back home after a month plus a bit and got to eat my first ramyun in two months. It was a very emotional reunion.
10. Reunited with Winston, my Labrador retriever, and he's all smiles to see me.