Saturday, July 12, 2014

113. Eventful Saturday

09:30 am: Wake up
09:33 am: Dad comes in to tell me my beloved husky escaped via a disappearance act we never could have fathom: digging a hole underneath the fence (apparently my dad had already went out to search for him for over an hour before letting me know)
09:34 am: Continue to get ready (what else could I do? At least Lambo has his dog tag on him, so we could only hope some kind soul would call and we'd be able to get Lambo back)
09:50 am: Leave the house and head to doctor's to get my blood test done
11:19 am: Going in for my blood draining test (* please note this is my first ever blood test... ever so I to say I was panicking is a bit of an understatement)
11:22 am: The fastest "get in, get out" I've ever had (surprisingly, the blood test was really quick)
11:28 am: Finally getting a meal after 12 hours of no eating or drinking (to prepare for blood test)
11:35 am: Food arrives and I get to nom/chow/gobble it down because we received news that Lambo found his way back home! But with one little problem... he was on the other side of the fence

12:08 pm: In the car heading back home as quick as we can to conduct a rescue mission to bring Lambo back on the right side of the fence
13:00 pm: Rescue mission is successful

Tomorrow, I just want to live the dream - literally. I want to be able to sleep in without any interruptions or disturbances and have a good sleep.