Saturday, July 19, 2014

114. Lonsdale Quay & First Geocaching

1. Went to North Vancounver/Lonsdale Quay via seabus (first time on seabus!)
2. Walked around the marketplace and bought some stuff
3. Had yummy chicken noodle soup at the Soup Meister - it was delicious

4. Decided to try out Geocaching for the first time
5. Failed our first attempt and headed back to downtown Vancouver instead
6. Located our official first Geocache at Canada Place after a long time of walking and searching (and by chance came across other "cachers" at the location)
7. Decided to try our hand at another find
8. Gave up after around twenty minutes... maybe second time's the charm?

Geocache is basically a world wide treasure hunt. You take some, you leave some along with a log/record. You are not to tell others where the locations are, and to find it without muggles knowing or taking the box.

It was really fun and we're going to try to find one each time we go out! I'm looking forward to logging all our treasure finds and joining the many millions playing the game as well!

9. Had dinner at Tap & Barrel and I had their "F 'n' K Burger" (aka. Fork 'n' Knife Burger - it's not what you think!)

10. And this was how we celebrated our 100th day :)