Thursday, February 5, 2015

142. 21st Birthday

Yesterday, I turned 21.

I was FaceTiming with my boyfriend, B, and starting at exactly midnight, the birthday wishes started coming in.

First, my roommate swung open the bedroom door and wished me a "Happy Birthday" and shortly after that I received a call from Sam, so I had to end the FaceTime to pick up. She called to say "Happy Birthday" as well and I was quite touched since no one ever called me at exactly midnight just to say that. I thanked her and I called B back.

And, of course, Facebook was doing its thing with the reminding its users who were friends with me that it was my birthday today and prompting them to send me some birthday wishes. So, thanks Facebook & Friends!

These are some of the presents that I got and I can say that everything was exactly what I wanted and more.

B came to pick me up and arrived with this gorgeous bouquet of roses and presents and then we headed off to Kintaro, which is my all time favourite restaurant for ramen.

(Left: gorgeous rose bouquet with baby's breath | Right: my usual - miso ramen with light soup and fat pork)

After Kintaro, we went back to my place and made desserts together! Recorded the whole process, so I just have to edit everything before posting it up. Making desserts together was a lot of fun! The star of the night was B's Canadian Trifle. At our usual dessert place that we go to, I always order the exact same thing, which is their English Trifle, and for my birthday I asked him to make it for me, and he did just that - and quite successfully might I add.

I had to separate the bouquet into two to fit into my milk jar vases. It turned out pretty good - hopefully they'll last for a while!

(Left: Rilakkuma pair from roommate J | Right: Rilakkuma cup from friend L)

Can you tell how much I love Rilakkuma? There is basically a couch dedicated to them and the family/collection will only continue to grow.

(Both: Ferrero Rocher from friend L #sharingiscaring)

Overall, it was a great birthday and I want to thank everyone for making my special day absolutely amazing!

On a side note, I just want to add that today is also a special day as it is my first time lighting a lighter and a candle without any help!