Saturday, February 28, 2015

151. Plants, Food, and Suits

What an eventful Friday! During my lunch break, I went to a club workshop and learnt how to pot plants - specifically, herbs! I learnt about solutions that can be used to kill little white bugs in the plants and how a certain solution is able to mess up their hormones. Another thing I learnt was to weed out the smaller buds so they cannot take nutrients away from the bigger ones. One more is that planting things is quite therapeutic. I think I can understand my parents a bit more now as I remember they always head out to the gardens whenever it was summer to plant random flowers.

As for what I came to learn at the workshop, which was basically how to keep plants from dying, I found out that question was too broad. Instead, they told me that I just had to put it under the light and water it enough so that the soil feels moist. It's easier said than done though.

(Both: herbs ready to be re-potted!)

(Left: herbs ready to be re-potted in the cute, colourful pots | Right: mission accomplished)

In exchange for the labour, I got to bring back home two herbs: cilantro and lemon balm! One's good for use in soup and the latter is good for tea! I hope my black thumb won't kill them this time.

After class, I got ready for #DATENIGHT! We went to Maenam for dinner, and then had dessert at our usual place at True Confections.

(Both: Pad Thai for me and "Aromatic Curry of Lamb Shank" for B)

(Both: B's White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake while I just had my usual English Trifle)

Then we went back and watched #SUITS. I can't believe next week is already Season 4's finale! I can't wait to watch it! So excited!!