Friday, December 12, 2014

122. On The Second Week of Christmas

I went out with friends to wine and dine. Just kidding, we're not that fancy.

It was my first time at Banana Leaf and I wanted to try almost everything on the menu, which is extremely rare for me because I'm a picky eater.

Then after dinner we went to Rajio for some drinks and desserts.

And the next day I went out again with another friend for some Christmas shopping!

I came across a store that had Doraemo stickers on their windows! I wanted to go inside and see what things they had, but my friend and I doubted that we could wear anything because it seemed like a children's clothing store. Why can't they make anything cool for adults?

After that throwback, we went to get dinner at Deer Garden.

Once our tummies were stuffed and we could eat no more, we decided to head back home as the sky was already dark by 5:30pm.

When I got home, I started decorating my newly bought Christmas tree! I haven't decorated a Christmas tree in fourteen years! It was very fulfilling and amusing, albeit lonely since I did it by myself.... Oh well, at least I finally have a Christmas tree now!