Wednesday, December 31, 2014

130. "I Blinked Too Much": Reviewing 2014

2014 has been a breeze. Not meaning to say that it was easy - I've had my up's and down's - but that it just went by like that. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I counted down to 2014 with the TV at my parents' place, rushing out of my room quickly before the count was over, and right afterwards, running back to my room to see all the "Happy New Year!," or some version of the sort, plastered all over my Facebook feed.

And to think history will be repeating itself again tonight at 00:00:00.

What have I accomplished this year? Let's look back at the New Year's Resolution I made for myself at the beginning of 2014.

For my academic goals that I had set last year, I had wanted to

  1. continue to keep a strict schedule
  2. take notes down in class
  3. focus during lectures
  4. review my notes from lectures
  5. maintain my grades above a B
  6. get at least an average in the A-range
I'll say I managed to complete them all quite successfully (except maybe the 5th point because of those annoying plus and minus, but I did manage to get an average in the A-range for my third year, first term!) This year, I wish to do the same as last year, but changing number six to "maintain an average in the A-range."

As for my health goals, it was to lose the weight I had gained back from Winter Break in 2013. I did manage to accomplish that and was quite strict with my diet, but then it all fell apart during Finals Season. Oh, what stress can do to a person. There are those that don't eat when they're stressed, and then there are those that just can't seem to stop pigging out when they're stressed. Unfortunately, I'm guilty of being the latter. However, I will stick it out this year because I will have a roommate who has a very, very similar schedule to mine so we can actually exercise together! We plan on at least doing some stretching every night, and because my new roommate speed walks to class and back at an insane speed, I will have to jog to catch up to her - which in the long run, will be my daily physical activity.

A goal I had set for this blog was to keep it updated. I have done that pretty well I think, except maybe during the summer because I was busying working and studying at the same time. I regret not updating during that time because it was one of the best summers I have ever had (since I stopped travelling anyways) and it would have been nice to record what had happened for my goldfish memory to remember when I look back at it several years from now. I guess I will use that as a kind of motivation to update my blog more frequently for this new year!

The last goal I had set for myself was to complain less and to be more thankful and grateful with what I already have. Setting this goal, I already knew that it was going to be tough because in our society, we just do it unconsciously without knowing. Nevertheless, I feel that I have become more thankful and grateful with the passing year due to the effect of the people around me. I know I still have much to improve and what's better than having the experience from last year to help me off my feet for the New Year?

All in all, I managed to achieve the goals I had set for myself and I feel very happy for myself. I mean, it's not everyday that people stick to their New Year's Resolutions! Especially the ones which goes something like "hitting the gym everyday" and you see all those determined faces with their new decked out outfits and gears at the crowded gym in January, only to have its population die down by mid-February/early-March. How would I know? Been there, done that.

Anyways, I hope to continue with these goals for the New Year and to keep improving myself for the better.