Saturday, December 27, 2014

128. Victoria Series: Leaving Victoria

Although we only stayed for two days, we managed to go to a lot of places, see many things, and interact with the locals. The atmosphere in Victoria compared to Vancouver is very homely. The locals were all very nice and friendly and fun to interact with. It felt like everyone was just one big family and that as a neighbour, they help one another out when they see someone needs it.

For example, the hostel we stayed at the people were very friendly and fun. Although it wasn't a five star hotel, it felt very warm. When we took the bus to Butchart Gardens, it didn't go directly there so we had to walk despite not knowing exactly how to get there. However, a lady that also got off the bus with us offered us helpful directions when she saw us looking around like lost lambs. At brunch, the waitress was extremely friendly and just very easy to talk to. It also felt sincere, not like restaurants where the people there turn their nose up at you secretly behind your back. Overall, I'm glad we went on a mini trip to Victoria and I was able to see and experience all the wonderful things that Victoria offered.

(Left: Geocaching in Victoria | Right: building along the way)

(Left: a harbor | Right: a fountain) 

(Both: the Parliament building)

(Both: inside the Parliament building)

(Both: inside the Parliament building | Right: a two-story Christmas tree)

(Both: mascot and keeper of their respective shops)