Sunday, January 25, 2015

139. The Fish Shack

Friday was Dine Out Night... Or so we thought. We ended up at The Fish Shack looking over their regular menu and its Dine Out menu and ended up choosing their regular menu instead. Which was a great choice because the seafood was pretty good.

The waiter we had at first was really funny and outgoing, which lightened up the mood a lot. But then his shift ended shortly after we finished our delicious appetizers and another one took his spot. The new waiter just couldn't fill the first one's shoe. For one thing, his eyes were like a dead fish's - no interest, no emotion, no life in them. It was like he was forcing himself, which was really a shame because he had a nice Australian accent. Oh well.

Onto the pictures that will make you drool!

(Left: interesting fish facts | Right: interior)

(Left: menu | Right: appetizer: fresh oysters @ $1/each)

(Left: close up of fresh oysters | Right: fried oysters)

(BothBig Catch)

The seafood was really good, I just wished that the lobster was a lot bigger. Aside from that, the fried oysters were delicious and although I would have loved to be able to try the fresh ones, I don't think my overly sensitive stomach will be able to take it.

One small thing though was that the Big Catch was priced at $33 each and you needed to have two people minimum in order to order it. What I thought was that it was going to be $33 between the two of us, but no. It's actually $33 each. I should read the menu more carefully next time....