Saturday, January 31, 2015

141. Review Session for January

Reviewing my list of to-do's for the New Year (based off of my 2015 resolutions here).

  1. Don't be like a firecracker. On one hand, it's been going somewhat well, but on the other hand, it's not easy - especially when your neighbours are monkeys and giants from Jack and the Beanstalk.
  2. Be nice. Check, check, and check! Helped people with directions (not voluntarily of course since it seems like I somehow attract them like honey), volunteered to take care of school club business, and held in stress.
  3. Work hard, play harder. Still working on the "play hard" part of this goal.
  4. Exercise and lose some weight. Well, I did manage to keep to an exercise routine (except when I wasn't feeling well, of course) where it lasted around half an hour with stretching and the 7-Minute Workout.
  5. Step out of my comfort zone. At every single club event. Especially the most recent one where I had to dance in front of a crowd for a performance with two other girls - when I can't even dance.
  6. Forgive and forget. I cleared my Facebook block list - I think that says something.
  7. Cross something off my bucket list. Hopefully soon!
  8. Conquer one fear. Like I said before, and I'll say it again - baby steps.
  9. Phone is friend, not food. Okay, maybe I need a bit more work in this area. I mean, it's hard not to whip out your phone when you want to Instagram some food pictures, right? #food
  10. Speak quieter and nicer. Yes. When I'm with people I don't know. But trying.
  11. Have patience. Another yes - I kept my stress in!
  12. Eat Clean. Uhh, maybe not today's... or yesterday's lunch/dinner. Baby steps, again.
It's alright - I've got eleven months left to go to conquer everything on this list!