Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Classes are officially over on Friday. I have two more classes, then exams will take over.

This past week has been really busy. Over the long weekend, my group and I managed to complete one whole paper (totaling fifteen pages in the end). I don't know how we did it - but we did (of course we still have to go back and edit a few parts, but that's besides the point). We started on another paper and I managed to get my sections done in one day. And before we started this crazy long weekend of finishing papers, I completed another one a couple days ahead of time. It has been a long week.

This week, I'm just finishing up assignments and presentations, getting everything done on time, and preparing for an interview tomorrow.

Here's some pictures I took throughout the week - it's not much, but at least it's memories.

It's getting harder to find pretty flowers like this on campus....

Went for a quick walk to clear our heads (#ootd).

They're surprisingly growing up pretty well.

Good ol' chicken noodle soup to soothe a headache (just kidding, it did nothing).

More soup from a can and this morning's breakfast of no-choice: cereal.

I've also started sketching and art-ing again. I'll try to get to a scanner and scan them all in soon.