Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Wonders | 002

The weather surprised me this week. Although there was forecast for rain, the sun held up and stayed (albeit some drizzle). Here are some pictures I took of the remaining pink on the trees before the weekend.

There was also an Art Pop Up event downtown so my roommate J and I left early afternoon to check it out.

One of the artist there told me that the pieces on the left are from the most prominent artist out of all of those at the location today, and that's why the pieces are priced much higher than the others. And by higher, I mean at least double. And by others, I mean around $600.

The artists who painted the ones on the right works in the movie industry. From what the artist who showed me around, he said that she's in charge of computer graphics and animation - like putting robots into cityscapes. 

The ones on the left are by an up-and-coming artist. I would describe them as light, fun pieces, whereas the one on the right is by an artist who experiences with colour-blocking and free lines. These minimalist lines show the beauty of a woman's body. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the other works which you can clearly see the outline of the body, but I thought this one was the "nicest" because I liked the colour combination.

These are pieces based on Vancouver. The painting on the left is done by the artist that was showing us around. It was done on Yugo paper, which is like a plastic canvas. It doesn't completely absorb the watercolour and that's why the colours can be so vibrant. He had layers upon layers of colour and it was just really fascinating to see it come together up close.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of these two ladies with the hair because patterns and lines are totally my thing.

If you look closely at the collage on the right, the body is of a woman's but her face is replaced by a baby's. I thought it was pretty funny.

The linoprints on the left are simply amazing. They are so detailed and you can just tell a whole lot of work was put into it. I actually got a chance to speak with the artist herself and she said that she likes the progress aspect of working with lino. That's admirable. I had worked with lino - but on a much smaller scale than her - and it was difficult enough for me to throw everything away at the end. It was bad.

After the art pop up exhibition, we did a little shopping for Mother's Day. We popped into Roots and I got my mom a change wallet.

I actually wanted to get her this, but seeing as how the last wallet didn't work out (she never used it), I decided to just get what she would actually use, seeing as how she uses a change wallet right now.

I also got her earphones with microphone so she can talk on the phone a lot easier. I'm also thinking of drawing her flowers with watercolour on a large piece of paper (just for watercolour, of course), and then framing it. She keeps talking about how I should draw her flowers on a much larger scale so she can hang it up at home, and this way I can skimp out on buying actual flowers because I actually have no idea where I can get them near my house once I move back home. Maybe I'll add some koi fish in there as well seeing as how she likes fish too.

We also went into Chapters to see if there was anything in there for Mother's Day. I went to the Art section because there's actually a lot of interesting reads. I took some pictures of the art books that caught my eye and that will inspire me later on when I'm having artist's block.

The author and artist of this series: Illustration School, is Sachiko Umoto and I love her simple and cute art style. The first one is her Illustration School: Let's Draw Magical Color and it has pages on what feelings different colours give and combinations of colours, plus a whole lot more. The second one is her Illustration School, Let's Draw! and it includes a book (or art manual) and a sketch pad. Everything is super cute and just like a storybook.

We also took a look around Lush, and the smell was just deafening - if that's even possible.

The bath bombs look like babies (to me) and an Adventure Time character (to J), but they are actually of a nun... it's called Mother Superior. Oops.

I also came across the perfect lightweight jacket for Spring/Summer at Ever New. It was expensive, but it feels really nice against the skin - breathable and light.

And of course, it's a bit unavoidable while walking around Downtown Vancouver that you don't see something weird or funny. Today, we saw two large owls walking around. To be specific, it was two people dressed up like owls and walking around the square. 

After we got back home, we relaxed for a bit before ordering pizza online. Technology is so amazing these days. We got some spicy wings and custom pizza from Domino's. I had the sausage and mushroom toppings while J got the salami and pineapple (we switched around from last time). The wings were spicy, but it was more of a sweet spicy, and the pizza was... pizza - how can someone not like pizza?

The next day, I went to a birthday dinner for friend C. We went to Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House and ordered some spicy pork for BBQ, scallop karaage, and chicken wings to share and then we each ordered our own things. I had the spicy tofu stew. It was hot and spicy, but had a sweet taste to it.

And, of course, can't forget about the birthday cake!

The cake was very, very chocolate-y. Inside and out it was all chocolate. Too much chocolate. But it made the night very memorable!

I've also moved back home, so I will be un-packing and reorganizing my room for the next few days.... It's gonna be fun.