Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Final Countdown

This week marks the last day of third year! My roommate and I played Monopoly on the second last day to unwind (we were already chilling by this point).

Obviously, with my string of bad luck at Monopoly, she won and I landed a lot on the squares with paying taxes and utilities (which my roommate always somehow manages to secure successfully at the beginning of the game).

Then on the last day of class, my friend C and I went out to celebrate with some shopping and food! I bought a new blouse from Noul (perfect for tomorrow's anniversary) and we ate a lot of food at Zabu Chicken. Unfortunately, they don't have their complete menu online except for their chicken menu.

 This is the beef stew with side dishes.

The mix between ramyun and tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes) with fish cakes as well.

We tried the Zabu soy original chicken, not expecting it to be so much!

I can't believe third year finished... just like that. I still remember when we finished second year and that felt like just yesterday! Time flies by so quickly these days! Just another two weeks then I'll be officially done - no more exams! And then summer school....