Tuesday, February 11, 2014

101. Kintaro Ramen

Last Thursday, I finally had my first bowl of Kintaro's famous miso ramen. I went with a very close friend and we waited what-felt-like-forever-because-I-was-starving time. During the wait, I could just smell all that good soup and see the yummy ingredients coming together to complete the final bowl. It was wonderful.

But, what was even more wonderful was that it was able to be mine soon, very soon. We both ordered their signature miso ramen dish and asked for rich soup. There were three options for the soup: rich, medium, or light. They also had an option for the chashu pork to be lean or fat, I chose lean and my friend chose fat.

Once we were seated, our food didn't take long to arrive. Or maybe it was because we were fascinated by the cook and their technique. The cook also tasted the soup, which I must praise because not many cooks do that. He would definitely make Gordon Ramsay proud. "Taste everything" as Ramsay would say.

Anyways, our ramen came and we dove right in (just thinking about it makes me hungry). No words, just nods of satisfaction. The praising came afterwards when we've had enough to quench our stomach's rumbling. Or my stomach rumbling at least.

Although there weren't that many ingredients in the ramen itself (it had noodles and soup obviously, some greens, corn, bean sprout, bamboo shoots, and some slices of chashu pork), it was enough to fill me up near the end and more than enough to create this delicious dish of all that is good.

One thing that I would change for next time though would be the soup option. I found the rich a bit too salty and strong for me, so next time I will try medium. And if that's still a bit much, then light. I definitely don't mind coming back here more often.

What's funny is that we actually decided to go for Mongolian Grill, but on the bus there, we passed our stop and realized that since Kintaro was nearby, we headed there instead.

I'm glad we missed our stop, or else it would have taken a long time for me to have this mouthwatering ramen.