Monday, February 24, 2014

103. Sharks at Bella Cermica

After waffles, we went off in smaller groups and decided where to go next from there. Since everyone had time until dinner, we were thinking of either going shopping or being tourists at Stanley Park since the weather was nice and sunny for once. After deliberating for a good five or so minutes, a friend suggested we go paint cups, and a great suggestion indeed! None of us except her had done so and we were all excited. I had been to the store before with her, but didn't sit down and paint last time since we were just picking up something.

There were a lot of choices... it took me a long time to decide what I wanted to paint!

So many choices!!

More choices in these boxed compartments!

In the end I chose a shark to gift my brother for his birthday.

Before its "makeup" transformation. 

After choosing the model, I had to choose the "makeup".

 Even more choices!

Choices... choices everywhere!

 After its "makeup" transformation.

The hearts for the eyes are actually done in pop up paint so once it has been fired in the kiln, the paint will show its true colours and the eyes would seem to "pop out".

My brother and I don't actually get along as much as I would like to, but I do love to troll the kid. They saying playing pranks and whatnot bring two people closer, and this is my effort.

After painting and paying, we left. While waiting for the bus, I saw this interesting... sculpture?

Looks really cool, doesn't it?