Tuesday, February 4, 2014

99. To Be or Not To Be

Today has been an exceptionally wonderful day because it is my birthday today! I have finally turned two decades - not centuries - old! I will write about this amazing day another time because I have procrastinated long enough today that I can't hold back my readings for tomorrow's pre-reading test anymore. Instead, here is my new year's resolutions... finally!

I was debating between whether to write about my year's review and goals in point form or not, but decided against it because if I were to look back at this years later, I would be confused by the choppiness and incoherent-ness of my thoughts and sentences due to the use of point forms. So, I opt to write properly in paragraphs.

A bit late, but another year and another list of hopeful resolutions. I wonder if I even completed the list from last year. Oh well, that's probably long gone from my memory bank by now, so I'll just make sure to save this list instead for review next year.

Anyways, I think I did pretty well academic wise the past year. I managed to obtain a decent grade and average for Term 1 and I hope to keep it up, if not, make it even better, for second term. I found that taking notes helped for essays and exams, but as for learning the material and keeping it in my head, I found that I really had to listen during the lecture to get the basics down (then review the details from my notes after class in my own time).

I also found that keeping a strict schedule helped a lot as well. By writing down what I had to do everyday and highlighting off the completed ones really helped me stay on track and focused. It also gave me a sense of self satisfaction knowing that I was productive for the day.

Hence, for the new year, I want to keep up this efficiency for my studying, as well as to boost my grades (or at least maintain them above a B). Also, to get at least an average in the A-range!

Aside from academic goals, I also want to continue my personal goal of losing the weight I gained over the Winter Break plus a little bit more. I have less than four months before sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns start to appear and it's time to break out the dresses sitting at the back of the wardrobe. So, I need to start maintaining my figure and be more careful and strict with what I eat... especially with those late night snacks!

And of course, to keep up this blog! I don't want it to be another one of those blogs that I've started, only to keep at it for a few months, then ignore it and in the end totally forget about it until the site sends me an email telling me they're terminating the account because of inactivity.

Also, to complain less. When you actually step back and look at the world and gain more knowledge of what is going on with current events, your perspective and attitudes change. There are so much more people who actually deserve to complain, and yet despite that, some with horrible situations don't even do that! So, I think I need to put my own issues into perspective in regard to those worse than me, and actually be more thankful and grateful for what I have.

This is another point that I need to address, which is that I need to be more thankful and grateful for what I have. Although I already started doing that last year, sometimes I catch myself being ungrateful with what I already have, and when I realize what I'm thinking or saying, I become sad at myself. Sad that I am ungrateful and being selfish. I hope I will become even more thankful and grateful towards what I have, especially in situations where I complain, which also means I need to keep my little complaints in check as well!

So, these are my goals for the New Year, a bit late, but here nevertheless!