Friday, May 31, 2013

19. A Weather's Temper

A weather's temper is sure a sight to behold and a power to be feared. I was suppose to go out with a friend today to enjoy a promised sunny day, but the day greeted me with pouring droplets. I had already done my hair and makeup and with less than ten minutes to go, the rain started coming down. So, unfortunately, we had to save our date for another day. Instead, I made some sugar cookies. This time, I mixed the ingredients with the flour not by mixing it up normally, but slicing through it with a rubber spatula and folding it in like I would to a sponge cake; I wanted to create a fluffy texture for these sugar cookies even though they're meant to be biscuit-like. They turned out biscuit-like on the bottom, but airy and sense of fluff for the top. I was quite proud of myself!

These cookies were very easy to make and this recipe I found online is super simple and easy to follow! Unfortunately, I don't remember where this recipe came from because I copied it down my hand (when I, or someone else, finds it, I'll be sure to credit it here!). I will post the recipe up (with some of my own alterations) later on!