Saturday, May 4, 2013

8. Mother's Day Preparations

Today, we took the chicks outside for quite a while to enjoy the great weather. We put them under a huge cabbage looking plant outside my room since it provided some shade and I can still watch after them. They took quite a liking to this new site and was exploring by going underneath the giant leaves and jumping from ground to stalk. Earlier on they had already walked and ran for quite a bit, and were tired by the time I relocated them here. This cute little one here fell asleep after a while.

While the chicks were playing by themselves and exploring, I started on my Mother's Day present because I thought it was tomorrow, until I realized an hour after I was almost done that it was actually next week. Oh well, at least I got most of my present done. It's a shadowbox picture frame with origami lilies (they took a long time to make).

I haven't finished the picture that's going to be in the middle yet. The picture is my mom sitting in a chair, and I have already inked it. Next up will be to add some colour with my favourite art medium: watercolour! I'll post up the final result on Mother's Day!