Friday, May 24, 2013

16. Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day (when the sun was out anyways) so I went out and took a few pictures. If I could, I would take a bunch of scenic pictures (with Winston, my dog, in some) and put it together as a journal book. Something like the Skywriting Journal.

Of course I would start out with my dog, Winston.

Trust me, this is good material for making my own Skywriting Journal! Just imagine the things you can write - and draw! - on this page!

The thick stick to the left of this picture is a lamp post. I can't believe it managed to photobomb this picture.

A potential candidate for journal as well, but maybe just make it a bit lighter/washed out.

And this would obviously be included!

Well, that's all. I'll try to take more pretty pictures and hopefully can create my own Skywriting Journal. It will probably be under a different theme though because I don't want to just take pictures of the sky, or else it'll be too repetitive (might as well go buy the Journal already published instead right)