Friday, May 31, 2013

20. Thanking Friday #1

I came across this post today and thought that it was a great idea to show my gratitude and express my thankfulness, as well as to look back and reminiscence of the things I'm grateful for every week. No matter small or big, everything should be appreciated to be able to enjoy all the wondrous things in life!

- The cookies I baked today came out great - visually appealing and tasty!
- The chicks are growing up healthily
- I have a watercolour set and a great, new brush that I can use whenever I feel an artistic mood kicking in
- The sun sets later - more sunlight (during the rare occasions)
- I really like my hairstyle right now! It's a medium-short (?) haircut curled inwards
- I finally have a new hairbrush that takes the static out of my hair