Sunday, May 12, 2013

11. Happy Mother's Day

Today is finally Mother's Day and I woke up to the sound of rain. After a whole week of beautiful sunshine, it had to end today of all days. Weather is so complicated. I didn't really do much this week, but I did go see Iron Man 3 with some friends. It was an amazing movie and Robert Downey Jr. is just gorgeous looking. I hope my future husband will be like him - ages well, very well. The script was great too - the sporadic comedic relief was perfect and there were a lot of epic scenes that just made me get goosebumps and shivers. It was a great production (and not the last one either)! 

As promised, here is the final result of what the shadowbox present looks like

I wanted to keep everything simple and clean so it can show off each of the different features. A black and white portrait of my mom with watercolour background, which is decorated with orange and blue lilies. Lilies represent motherhood, and I added in the blue for some complementary pop! It turned out really nice, I would say. Then, everything is wrapped up by the clean-cut, white box. i think it just finishes off the piece nicely.

I went grocery shopping yesterday with my mom, but my purpose was to restock Stash Herbal Tea: Acai Berry. Unfortunately, the store ran out, so I chose Meyer Lemon from the same brand. It is still a herbal tea and caffeine free, which I look for when buying tea, as well as "100% natural ingredients". But, I think I prefer Acai Berry more... or maybe it is because I'm used to it? We'll see. We also bought a big pack of Japanese genmaicha, which is brown rice tea. So it is healthy all around!

"Meyer Lemons are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange with a slightly sweet quality - a burst of lemon flavour without the lip puckering tartness. The juicy lemony taste and fragrant aroma of our Meyer Lemon herbal tea is a delight any time of day, hot or iced."