Wednesday, December 4, 2013

86. S'More Shopping

The Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, and even Cyber Tuesdays emails just don't stop. I have had to resist the urge to click on the tempting emails too many times. But, alas, when there is a very good deal, I will go and check it out. Luckily, that's what I did with Julep. It is a beauty product store, mostly known for their gorgeous nail polishes. I bought some for friends' birthday presents and just browsed the rest of the site for a bit. I purchased six gorgeous colours (mostly pink, because it can look cute, sophisticated, and polished all at the same time... I guess you could call it a safe colour). I bought Layne (Classic with a Twist), Gemma (Boho Glam), Charlotte (Boho Glam), Jennifer (Classic with a Twist), Zora (Classic with a Twist), and Vanessa (Bombshell).

Also, another one of my purchases from Chapters has been shipped, and it is one of their baby products: Large Bashful Bunny in Cream (by Jellycat) and it is just the most adorable and soft stuffed animal ever. But, I'm having second thoughts. Even though I have been waiting for oh so long to buy it, but because of the extravagant price, I have always managed to hold myself back, but as I saw that it was cheaper by around $20, I caved in. I think I will probably go return it because it is a bit too much money for just a stuffed animal. I guess the holiday sales got to me in the spur of the moment. Once it arrives, I will just have to sadly carry it in its box back to the store to return.

On another note, my purchase from a long while back finally arrived! It is a new case for my Samsung tablet and it is pretty cool. I have always wanted a wireless/Bluetooth keyboard and case for my tablet, but I could never find them for Samsung tablets. Well, I looked around eBay and saw this gorgeous red leather keyboard and case for a reasonable price and bought it. I just opened the package today and the keyboard will take some getting use to, but I'm excited to use it to take notes nevertheless!

(Imagine that in red, including the keyboard.)