Tuesday, December 24, 2013

88. Potluck Gathering

The past weekend, my roommate and I held a potluck gathering for our friends to catch up and just have fun. It was set at 4:30pm and some arrived early, some a bit later, and some way later. But, that's okay, I didn't really mind 'cause the mood was good all throughout! I had a lot of fun.

We had chicken, drumsticks, noodles, sushi, brownies, honey castella cake, small pizza, stuffed aburage, spring rolls, lasagna, and even Ma La hotpot (translates to numbing spiciness).

At first, we just sat around the table talking and getting to know each other with some Icebreaker games, then we moved on to Twister and UNO. After that, when two of our friends came back from baking chicken and lasagna, we played Mafia and it got pretty intense. It had been a long time since we last played so we played for a long time.

After everyone left around 3am, the rest of us started to clean up and finally went to bed around 3:45am. But, of course, what's a sleepover without the talking and gossiping part? So, I didn't really sleep until 5:15am.

The next morning we got up around noon and started to heat up the leftovers from last night for brunch. After we were done and saw our guests out, my roommate and I started to pack to go home for the holiday.

It was a really fun night and I got to meet some awesome and fun people! I hope we'll be able to do something like this again!

Today is also Christmas Eve! Although I just lazed at home all day in bed, treated myself to some yummy Shin Ramyun, and watched a bunch of Korean pop music videos and gawked over the hot guys, I can't wait for Christmas! This is also my blog's 99th post, meaning the next one would be the big 1-0-0!! Wow, I think this is the first time I have been able to keep up with just one blog and for so long as well!

Anyways, there has been a total lack of pictures recently in most of my posts, so I hope for the new posts that there will be more visual accompaniment! Have a great Christmas Eve! Have fun and stay safe!