Tuesday, December 17, 2013

87. Catch Up

A lot of things have happened or have already happened. But, what kept me from blogging about all of this is this annoying laptop of mine. Although it is three years and a bit old, it is giving me a lot of problems. I have to cater to this darn thing, making sure that it has plenty of time to load up while I do other things. So, it takes its sweet time in order for me to actually open a browser and start browsing. When I watch videos, instead of playing the sound right away, it shows the video first without sound, stops until a minute later when the sound comes on, and when the sound matches up to the image that it's stuck at, then the screen will start moving again. It is not the video playing that I can't stand and be patient about, it's the long start up time. What kind of laptop needs over fifteen thirty to forty-five minutes to warm up and start up?? Oh right, this HP Pavilion of mine. I wonder why I even bought this thing in the first place. All I know is that I can't wait to get a job and save up to buy a new and much better one.

Anyway, I finished all my final exams yesterday. The last one was for my major Linguistics and although we could have a cheat sheet, double sided on A4 paper, I didn't make full use of the gift sent from heaven and decided to stupidly leave some things out (that I thought the professor would not test us on). But of course, I learnt my lesson for instead of doing the first question of Part B, which were all definitions - easy peasy, I had to do the longer questions of Part B, which were the second and third question. I didn't even have time to completely finish them either. So much regret. But, it's all over now. I just hope the one marking my exam saw that I didn't merely choose to go the easy way, but the hard way... stupid as that may be.

Today, I went to visit my high school, but before that, because we were a bit early than the scheduled time to meet up with another friend, we headed to the mall nearby. I just browsed around and bought two small boxes of Christmas lights for decorations (but mainly for night lights) and was heading towards H&M when I saw a group of kids preparing to sing. We were in luck as they were just starting (although there were some technical difficulties at first) so we managed to catch which school they came from. And, to my surprise, it was the elementary school that I graduated from many, many years ago! And, I also did the exact same thing - singing at the mall (a different one though)! It was really nostalgic listening to the kids and admiring them because when I did it back in grade three, we each had a duo tang of the lyrics provided for us in case we forgot, but these kids had managed to memorized all these songs in the span of four months! They all looked so cute and as I listened, I remembered back to talking with my three childhood friends, sitting casually on the low wooden fence surrounding the playground that we often played at in grade five, and just talking about moving onto middle school next year and how high school is a long way away still. And now, I blinked and zoomed right into University. I think I know what my dad meant now when he always says he just blinked and I turned from a baby to a University student. I remember jokingly telling him that if he blinked again, I would be walking down the aisle, and another blink would have a baby in my arms. Time is just moving so quickly, and it hit me even more as I got closer to my high school.

Visiting all the teachers and making the rounds were great, but the three teachers that I wanted to see the most all weren't there - just my luck. One left on vacation, another moved to a different school on an island, and another was away. I remember that whilst I was in high school, I was always busy and never stopped to think how fortunate I was to have such great teachers, but now looking back today, I really treasure the bonds that we have created with our teachers. Different from University professors, we're able to talk to them casually, asking how their days have been and telling them about our dreams. Cheesy as it may sound, I really like being able to stay close with my teachers, and the Christmas carol singing by the kids only strengthened that. I wish I still kept in contact with all my favourite teachers, all the way from way back. I can only hope that they are doing well and will be having a great Christmas and holiday.