Tuesday, December 31, 2013

90. New Year Fear

I thought that I might as well write this now than later seeing as I've got some time on my hands now. I just finished catching up to date on the Korean variety show that I'm hooked on, so now I'm re-reading the manga, Hana Kimi.

Anyways, my fear that I've constantly thought about as the clock draws nearer to 00:00, is "what if I'm so indulged in whatever I'm doing on the computer that I totally miss the drop?" I mean, it's totally possible seeing as the past few days I have been living without time. Like I have no consciousness of time whatsoever. If it weren't for the time stamp on my computer, I wouldn't even know what day it is.

Every time there is a lengthy break, I completely forget about the date and time. Although it's all nice and well, sometimes I do end up worrying about my well being. I mean, these days I stay up until past 2 am not even realizing it myself. Then, I wake up in the morning afternoon. Once, I even woke up at 3:20... pm!!

I just hope that I won't miss the changing of the year... or at least if I do miss it, it won't be an hour or two later... that'll be a bit sad.

I guess I'll write up my New Years Resolutions post sometime later this week. Maybe even tomorrow if I'm not too tired/lazy.