Saturday, January 4, 2014

92. Murphy's Law

Today I went out with a very close friend to have brunch and some light shopping. It was decided last minute, or rather last night, but we knew exactly where we wanted to go eat.

The place was basically our second home because the Japanese ramen they serve there is just amaaazing. The chef, although he is Korean, actually studied and worked in Japan before moving to Canada, so he has legitimate experience and the skills to make an amazing bowl of ramen.

Ever since I found this noodle cafe back in high school, I've basically been religiously going there every single time my friend and I meet up and eat out. The owners also recognize us and why not, every time I go I only order their delicious chicken teriyaki ramen. It is the single best thing I have ever had and their teriyaki chicken is unlike any other.

The sauce is perfect - not too little and not too much where you're basically just drowning in the sauce instead of eating the actual meat. The ratio of meat to fat is perfect because it's juicy, soft, and just full of wonderfulness.

Unfortunately, it was closed.

So, we went to a Japanese restaurant instead that opened at noon, which wasn't that bad because we only had to wait around 15 - 20 minutes for it to open.

Once we sat down and ordered and almost finished our food, I wanted to order something else as snack while we talked and caught up with each other some more.

So I asked for their grilled squid (I had a bit of it the last time it was there and it was quite good), but the waitress came back and apologized saying that they didn't have it in stock yet.

Disappointed, we went back to finishing up our food and when we were done, we asked for their matcha (green tea) tiramisu.

Unfortunately, they didn't have that either.

So, we went to the mall nearby to get dessert instead. There was Qoola (frozen yogurt chain) at the mall, but at this particular mall, they usually don't have the flavour I want, which is their mango flavour. Out of five times I go, only once or twice will they have the flavour. Because I am also very picky, it's either I get it or I don't (downfall of being picky).

Before we went to Qoola, we stopped by H&M (also at the mall) and looked around. I saw this really cute black and white stripped cropped sweater and a fuzzy gray knit top. Now, I haven't bought clothes in a long time and thought to myself that if I looked good in them, then I'll just buy them on the spot, then and there. Anyways, I went to try them on at the change room.

Unfortunately, it didn't look good on me.

So, we left for Qoola.


Murphy's Law was finally broken!!!! They had the mango flavour and I was very happy.

Then, I caught the bus home and just barely made it. Thank goodness the bus driver was kind enough to re-open the doors after he had just closed them when I was only three steps away. Or else I would have had to wait a long while until the next one.

So, up to the point before Qoola, it followed Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

It was basically a re-experience of my day after seeing a black cat (I didn't even cross its path!).