Thursday, January 23, 2014

98. A Catty Experience

(Update at the end)
Real-time Post

(This post has the tag Black Cats because it symbolizes unluckiness or misfortunes bestowed upon my body, or nearly almost happened to my misfortunate self.)

I was done classes for the day and just about reached home, took out my keys, when a tabby cat suddenly came up to me.

A little background: I am a dog person. I have always been a dog person. Although, there was a very short period I became a cat person. I can't remember how and why, but just that it happened and there's a cat poster somewhere to prove it.

Anyways, now I know after this incident, I will forever be a dog person.

This is the nice, wandering cat that came to me and did what cats usually do: rubbing up against your leg.
(I will add picture later once I'm home and have access to a computer.)

Edit: This is the culprit and its horrifying crime. (The red scratch on my pinky)

Due to my lack of knowledge about cats and their personalities and behaviours, I had no idea what that meant, so I just pet it, hoping that it'll be enough for it.

But, while I was petting it, I noticed that it didn't have a collar or any mark of ownership. Then, I remember seeing a poster on my way to the campus of a missing cat.

So, I wanted to confirm so I tried to pick up the cat to bring it to that poster to see if it matched, but if it didn't, I was planning on carrying it to an animal clinic, and if there was none, then campus security at least.

Anyways, it didn't like being carried so it struggled and I let go.

I gave up and walked up to my place, but it followed me. So, I spoke to it and played with it some more.

Then it flopped onto its belly, and me being ignorant of cat behaviours, thought it would want a belly rub (this knowledge I gathered from reading Garfield). I put my hand forward and barely touching it, it bit me.

Needless to say, I walk to the campus hospital, only to be told it was full for the day and they directed me to the Urgent Care next door.

And here I am, two hours later, still waiting to see a doctor.

Now, I understand when people complain about the long wait times. What's the point of a national health care system if it's going to take so long to see a doctor anyways?

Plus, I'm starving.

It's 5:35pm as I write this and the last meal I had was at 11am. And it was not a large meal at all.

I hope I'll be able to go home soon. And that it's nothing serious in need of a shot but just some antibiotics.


I can't stand shots....


Basically, after three hours, the doctor finally saw me and checked to see how deep it was. Thank goodness it was just a surface scratch so he told me to apply Polysporin, add a band-aid afterwards, and take the prescribed antibiotics.

But, I think I could have figured out what the antibiotics for myself were because apparently he needed to reference a protocol sheet (because I'm allergic to penicillin, which is in more than half of medicine) that I can probably find online given today's technology.

Oh well. I definitely learnt my lesson: do not go near any cute things aside from dogs. And even for dogs, only my sweetie, Winston.