Sunday, January 19, 2014

97. Deer, Gardens, and Fortune Cookies

Recently, I went out for dinner to a place I haven't been to since middle school, which would be roughly six years.

This particular restaurant, called Deer Garden, has several branches around that I was surprised to find out about.

The one that the family had always went to (up until middle school anyway) wasn't that good. So, I didn't bother to ever visit there with friends when we went out to eat. It was never really an option.

But, that day, my friend told me how amazing the food was - especially their noodle combo with the delicious fish broth (no MSG either!), so I was bought and decided to give this restaurant another chance, but at a different branch that was located a bit closer to the University.

Here's what I had...

After that, we walked around the mall nearby, and went to Daiso to buy some things. But, of course, because Chinese New Year is coming up, we had to take some pictures of the decorations!