Thursday, January 2, 2014

91. Happy New Year!

A day late, but better later than never right? I hope everyone had a great time and best wishes for the new year!

I went out on New Years (my first time out of the house since I've been back home) with some friends and went ice skating. There were a good amount of people, mostly kids and parents, with some teenagers as well. Every five seconds there would be a kid falling down... it was somewhat interesting as some would actually fall on purpose.

There was also a baby in a carriage that wouldn't stop crying and the mom would just be talking to her friend beside her. It was pretty funny, in the way that kids crying without a reason should be ignored or else a sprout will grow inside their head, giving them ideas that whenever they cried, they'll receive the attention they want, which is not good.

Anyways, after skating, we went to grab lunch at KFC. Although their popcorn chicken was good, I can't say the same for their fries. I never really liked KFC fries because they taste too... cardboard with a ton of salt. Sorry KFC, but McDonald's wins this round.

Next, we went to sing karaoke for an hour before meeting up with another friend, grabbing some bubble tea and just talking and taking pictures for about an hour.

Then we all went home and that was how I spent my New Years. It was a lot of fun and especially because I haven't seen this particular friend in two years, I was happy seeing him again and catching up.

Once again, Happy New Year!