Tuesday, June 4, 2013

21. Mistakes

I admit I have made a lot of mistakes, be it big or small. However, these two mistakes over the weekend can be categorized as dumb mistakes. I was planning on posting some pictures of my summer wardrobe staples, but I forgot I had the memory card out. In the end, all my effort on angles and details were of no use. Another dumb mistake is one I'm sure most people have encountered before: Procrastination. I procrastinated for too long and pushed away what I needed to do (which was to study for my summer course), and now it finally came back to me. So, today I spent three hours catching up and completing the quiz for the module, and there's another one on Friday where I have to read through three chapters for this new module. (Full sarcasm ahead) And best of all, it's a science course! I am in the Faculty of Arts for a reason. If I wanted to be well rounded, I would have done that in high school! I really don't understand why my university expects their students to take courses outside what they are going to be specializing in and outside their faculty. And even more, it's mandatory. For me, I would say it's more unnecessary and a complete waste of time and energy. Why deliberately force people in the direction they don't want to take? What will it achieve? It makes their actions dubious and very suspicious to me. Anyways, went a little sidetracked, but I think this is also a mistake - on their (university's) part.