Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hats Off Day Parade

Have I ever said how much I love my job? Well, here it is again: I love my job!

It's still marketing month, so we had a tent over at the annual Hats Off Day Parade where we got to know the neighbourhood. The theme was Hollywood (which I also took to mean Disney). So, most of our staff dressed up and I went as Totoro! Here is my DIY outfit completed with the leaf for the head.

Although the parade was short compared to that of Canada Day, it was still pretty exciting to see the event! Maybe because it wasn't as big a celebration as Canada Day that I was able to stand at the very front and take some nice pictures without being blocked off and having to tiptoe!

Mad props to the person dressed as Chewbacca 'cause the weather was just hot hot hot today!

The 501st Legion! I also learnt today that all these amazing Stormtrooper outfits have to be handmade! It is actually a requirement to join the Legion! That's amazing! I would have never guessed! These outfits look as good as store bought! 

During a short lunch break, I went off to lunch with a fellow staff and got to know more about each other! The food was surprisingly good for a bento box! The tempura tasted like it was just fried because the crunch was very crunchy (haha) and the chicken was very tender! Everything tasted fresh!

Unfortunately I didn't take notice of the Japanese restaurant name.

Although it was a lot of fun, the heat was a bit unbearable. Good thing we had our tent and lots of water! I really need to buy a nice hat for this summer since there have been reports saying that this will be a hotter-than-hot summer!