Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The new SUB finally opened at UBC! Kinda. I mean, there's stuff in there. And we can go in, which is fairly important I would say, although there are still fenced off areas. But, better than nothing right? There are a lot of stairs, and all the club rooms are going to be on the top two floors. What joy. At least there's elevators to help us lug all the club stuff up and down during events.

As for the food options... which is next to none, or as I described to B:

Of course there's sushi
But that's irrelevant for me
And then there's pizza from pie r squared
And a cafe
With coffee I don't drink and pastries I don't eat
And the "healthy" place where you pay more to eat less... Yea, no, don't sign me up for that

An anonymous person on Yik Yak at UBC also described the new SUB as "a place where you can have sushi, pizza or a new iPhone for lunch," because for whatever reason, there is a store for selling phones and phone plans from a carrier that no one really uses. Yup. That logic - I do not know where it comes from.

At least there are still food places in the process of being opened (which basically means construction is still not done for them).

And the last picture is a picture of the "Nest" (shudder to that name). It was closed off so we couldn't actually get inside to try the comfy looking beanbags and chairs, but I did manage to snap a picture (and edit and filter it too!) from the stairs.