Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Wonders | 003

This was the last weekend before work officially starts. So, I made the most of it!

On Saturday, an old friend came back from Toronto and we reunited with our childhood friends. It's pretty amazing how we're still together after so many years - it's been since elementary school and now some of us are about to graduate from university! Time sure flies!

We grabbed lunch at Jimoco Cafe & Pasta, where I've never been before. The portion size was pretty decent and the food was tasty. I ordered the Linguini Soul and although the seafood was a bit lacking, the noodles and sauce was good!

After lunch, we headed up to SFU's Summer Festival event presented by SFU Anime. There were a lot of cosplayers, vendors, merchandise, and games. I bought a knitted Totoro and now he sits on my shelf with my Instax camera.

Before we left, we watched part of the cosplay contest. There were a lot of amazing cosplayers and costumes.

On Sunday, B came back for the weekend, so we went out on Sunday to catch the new Disney x Pixar movie, Inside Out! The movie was the last thing for the day, so we were planning on getting some brunch first. On the way to brunch, there was an event going on, and we stopped for a really cool (and funny) performance by an international street performer, Alakazam.

Not only was his show intriguing, but very entertaining as well as he had audience participation and great jokes.

After the performance, we finally went for brunch. The place we wanted to go had a long wait time, so we went next door to a Japanese restaurant. The food is just your typical Japanese food. We both ordered bento boxes.

So that was my weekend... I wonder what next weekend will bring.