Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Wonders | 001

This past weekend was both relaxing and fun. On Saturday, my roommate J and I ordered pizza for lunch as Dominoes was having a 50% off their pizza.

We got a half-and-half pizza and customized it to our taste: salami and pineapple (with no cheese) and sausage and mushroom (with cheese). They tasted alright but I wished the dough was a bit thinner... I prefer topping over bread.

After we had a late brunch, we saw how nice the weather was outside and decided to take a walk, which lasted around three hours. We went to parks nearby and played on as many playgrounds as we could, and enjoyed nature in general. It really was a beautiful day following the days of rain before that.

On Sunday, my roommate and I did some grocery shopping. Once we got back I worked on one of my term essays until dinner time when A came over and we went out for dinner at Banana Leaf for a girls' night out.

After dinner, we came back to my place and played a quick round of Monopoly with my roommate before A left for the night.