Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week in Review | 001

It's been a very busy week, and to think that the weekend is already almost over yet I still have work piled on top of each other... I can't wait for that little short break between the end of Finals Season and the beginning of summer term.

But, at least this week has been alright. I got my two new phone cases in the mail - one baby pink and one in mint. Although I didn't see much of B this week, we managed to grab a quick lunch together near campus. As usual, can't go wrong with Korean food.

I have also been obsessed over this pair of Adidas, in collaboration with Stan Smith. I love how minimalist the colour and design of the shoe is, yet still has that edge and quirk with the leopard print at the back - not too little, and not too much - just perfect. If I get a job this summer, I will buy this pair to finally replace my old, old Adidas from my high school days.

Can't forget about the abundance of cherry blossoms blooming here on Campus as well! So much pink everywhere! I love it.

I went back home for the weekend and played with my loving labrador, Winston. We played fetch for a long while and I only sustained a few injuries from the duration of our playtime together:

  • a claw to the leg
  • a butt to the head (aka. headbutt), and
  • a bite to the butt (unfortunately, the actual butt this time)
But, no big deal - love conquers all, right? (Love is pain, I still have these bruises)

It looks like it'll be another busy week ahead of me, I better get back to work!