Saturday, March 21, 2015


On Friday, our itinerary looked something like this: dinner, movie, dessert.

We had dinner at the most talked about restaurant in 2014: Ask for Luigi. Since we arrived early, we were seated fairly quickly and just made it before the cut off for waitlist. Perfect timing.

We had Luigi's Meatballs as an antipasti and it arrived as a triplet with some tomato sauce. It was really flavourful and much better than - sorry not sorry to say this - Ikea's meatballs.

Then came our pasta. I ordered the spaghetti, ling cod 'bolognese' & clams and B had the pappardelle & duck ragu (* side note: the man at the table beside us had the rabbit ragu... rabbit!!) We both agreed that it was the best spaghetti and pasta we've ever had so far... and now I can't go back to The Old Spaghetti Factory or Anton's. We finished exactly on time and had enough time to get to the movies.

We watched Cinderella and although the story line remained the same from the children's storybook (not Brothers Grimm's version), the costume and set design was just gorgeous. Everything - from the castle down to the glass slippers and mice - seemed like it just popped right out of a very elaborately illustrated children's book of Cinderella. The dress especially, although simple, still had me fascinated by its many layers and vibrancy. Even though it would have been more interesting had they spiced up the story line - and done it well - it was still nice of Disney to stay true to the 'original' plot.

After the movies, we went to our same ol', same ol' place at True Confections. B got a "pick me up" (tiramisu) and I got the usual English Trifle.

Then, we headed back to Campus and thus concludes our date night.