Monday, March 9, 2015

155. Monday Blues

Not the blues meaning sad and melancholy, but the blues meaning the colour of the stripes on my new shirt because I went shopping today!

It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining amidst clear, blue skies, and I thought why waste it at home when I can go downtown and shop instead? If the weather forecast is right, then the rest of the week will be gloomy and cloudy, and worst of all - rainy. So, I took my chance and went shopping on this sunny day.

I bought a new pair of cute ballet flats with ribbons from Aldo, and a striped top from Vero Moda from their Vero Moda in Blue collection. I just love ribbons, in case you couldn't tell from both the shoes and the shirt.

After shopping and walking around downtown, we went to grab dinner at Norboo Korean Restaurant. We ordered fried squid, seafood hot pot, and kimchi and pork pancake. It was a very filling meal. I can also eat spicy things now! All these years of building up my tolerance is totally worth all the Korean food I can finally eat!

A good start to the week!