Tuesday, March 10, 2015

156. Dreams: Bears

It's no secret among my friends that I like cute things like stuffed animals. They're soft, plush, and come in all shapes and sizes to cater to everyone's favourite animal, which is of course, the bear (no bias here).

Last night I had a weird dream where we went out driving at night and spotted a big mama bear with her cub while taking a midnight stroll. The mama bear was trying to hold the baby bear back as we were trying to book it back to the car. However, as we were putting in our seat belts and trying to start the car, we can see the baby bear just charging at us, leaving its mama behind. As we see this scene unfold in front of us, in disbelief, we whip out our  handy dandy magical spray that repels bears. As the baby cub continues to charge at the car, and somehow managed to jump high enough to make it through the window, which was all the way down for one odd reason or the other, we kept spraying the magical bear-repellent spray at it. However, the bear did not cease its super-animal-like powers and landed in my lap. But, it turned out that he wasn't a ferocious beast at all, but had somehow turned all fluffy and soft - just like a stuffed animal! He had all the soft and cuddly features of a stuffed animal, but without the dead eyes and fake fur that usually came with it. As I was about to wake up, I remember petting this cute cub in my dreams and just staring into its big, wide, cartoon-like eyes.

It was a weird, but somewhat pleasant dream.

On another note, the weather today was foggy, then somewhat sunny, then foggy again. I hope it'll clear up tomorrow. At most, I hope it won't rain at least.