Friday, March 20, 2015

Week in Review | 002

I hope this Week in Review becomes a weekly thing that I will be able to keep up with. How hard is it to snap a few pictures, edit said pictures, write something creative while enlisting the help of these filtered pictures, and to follow Larry Horn's Q- and R-Principles?

Hopefully, not too difficult.

The weather was beautiful today! Albeit a bit cold, but at least the sun was out and not a rain cloud in sight! I feel so light and airy when the weather is like this - I feel like being nice to anything and everything.

But then, the fresh, cold air made it a bit hard to breathe... I think it was a bit too cold for my nose....

I did manage to take a #OOTD picture for today though. I wore my new shirt that I bought last week with a pair of shorts and tights, finished off with my usual boots.

Also known as Bruise Day because looking at the amount of bruises I got from practicing Storming the Wall, people wouldn't think to question it.

My verdict: I bruise too easily. Way too easily. So bruise, much easy. Wow.

Storm the Wall is basically a huge North American event that's like a triathlon but with five 'events': swim, run, bike, sprint, and last but not least, getting over the Wall. The infamous wall is 12 feet tall (which was also the height of the Berlin Wall). So, you can imagine the difficulties of trying to get over the wall with two people as base and two people at the top trying to pull you up as you use the two people at the bottom as support (they are called 'the base'). It is painful being the base. I would know.

On a brighter note, the weather prediction was wrong and it was actually clear and sunny today! Yay! It would have really sucked if it was raining while we were practicing for Storming the Wall!

I also took some quick #OOTD pictures for today.

Not as dressed up as usual because of the wardrobe changes I had gone through for preparing for the practice. I was actually in jeans, then sweat pants, and then jeans again, but I had to go back home and change into tights because the jeans were rubbing against the bruises and it was just too painful to bear and to walk. I really hope my bruises will heal before next week because I'm the person in charge of swimming and I think some people might misunderstand and give me weird looks when they see my bruises.

So far so good weather wise. I hope this keeps up for the rest of the week... month, if I can be ambitious.

Still have to wear tights because of bruises on the knee. But, today the soreness have come in at full force, so from one shoulder to the other it is just sore. A nice soak in the tub would feel so good right now.

It was raining today.

Then the rain stopped once I got home. Why is Vancouver's weather so cruel?

On a side note, my bruises are healing (if that's what all these crazy purple and green colours mean)!

Friday went by like a breeze... actually, this whole week went by like a breeze.

And, of course, it was raining. Whoop whoop.

But! This Friday was #DATENIGHT (which will be posted in another post because it's image heavy)!