Sunday, August 4, 2013

61. Rant

I had a great start to my day, then it all went downhill from there.

We first went to get a quick snack at a bubble tea cafe, then walked to the beach. At the beach, we had a lot of fun, but it was the dinner at Sushi Town that was a total flop.

We arrived at Sushi Town and finally got a seat after god knows how long, then when we were finally seated and had decided on our food, we had to call the waitress over. Normally, or at least it's common sense in the service industry, that you have to check back with your customers often to see if they need anything. Anyways, after our food began arriving, one of my friend's food need a soup stock and they had ran out. So, they told her that it will be around a fifteen minute wait and asked if she was alright with that. She replied that it was fine and continued to wait. After twenty minutes, her food still didn't come, and by then, the rest of our food came and we all started eating, except her. When we all finished our food and started paying, her food still has not come. By now, it has been forty minutes. Obviously, she was outraged. So, another friend and her went up to ask the waitress what was happening as we all started paying. And of course, she made up lame excuses saying that she did say it was "around fifteen minutes", but obviously that's not acceptable and there is a big difference between fifteen minutes and forty minutes. However, she retorted using the excuse that it was what the kitchen told her. And, again, unacceptable, because the service and the kitchen are suppose to communicate to give their customers the optimal experience if they want them to be regulars. By now, the friend helping out said that he wanted to speak with the manager. But, the girl at the cashier said rudely and coldly, that her manager wasn't here. So, he asked for the person in charge. And, of course, she said it was her. So, the debate continued. While this was happening, my friend flipped all our cups over, which were all filled with water that were at least half way full, and left the place and waited outside. The waitress that went to clean up our table discovered this and was mad. But, if you think about it, I think my friend had every right to do what she did. She waited over forty minutes, and this was just at the table, for her food after a long day out, barely eating anything. A friend defended her saying that if he had to wait for his food for over forty minutes, he would be pretty damn pissed as well and would have done that. I mean, wouldn't you?

Now, I ask you this, would you want this kind of service to happen to you? Your mother? Your father? Your children? No, I do not think so. This kind of service can't even be called service because it is just a disgrace to the other restaurants that work so hard to please their customers and treating them as if it is their first time eating there. Businesses have to know that they have to work hard to earn their keep, and obviously, treating their customers well and providing even the basic service is not in their handbook. Either way, they lost quite a lot of customers today as I am spreading the word.