Monday, August 5, 2013

62. Weekend Wonders #4

Now that I'm in a much better mood than yesterday, here are some of the pictures I took while walking to the beach and at the beach.

This is on the way to the beach from inside a forest trail.

This tree arched path looked so gorgeous! I wanted to take a picture with no one in it, so I tried waiting for the man in front to be out of view, but there was a group of people coming up from behind us, so I couldn't. This is the best I could do.

Just look at that arch! It's so beautiful! Especially with that cute, small bridge at the back!

I really like these cute winding paths, but I wouldn't want to walk across it any more than I have to because I don't know how sturdy it actually is.

Then we saw this cute dog. I wanted to pet it, but it was wet from playing in the river.

Arrived at the beach after a forty to forty-five minute walk! It didn't seem that long because I was walking with a friend and we had fun talking about a lot of things!

That's my brave friend in the cold ocean water.

The beach was yesterday, and before I went off to Ikea today with some friends, I had some berry and tomato waffle with maple syrup for breakfast! Maple syrup went really well with the wild blackberries!

At Ikea!

I really like the lights hanging up from the ceiling! Looks like a bundle of snow!

Then, I had some Swedish meatballs that Ikea is known for being so cheap for my lunch.

I took a lot of pictures of the artwork Ikea had for inspiration, and here is one of them! Isn't it so cute?

And, of course, I can't leave Ikea empty handed. I saw these cute beige coloured pots for 79 cents and knew I had to get some. So, I bought three of them, as well as two (empty) milk glass bottles. I haven't thought of what I want to do with the pots (like what flowers or succulents), but I'm planning on using the glass bottles for flower decorations at the Hermit Hole!

Look at that gorgeous wrapping, done by yours truly with some help. Ikea didn't have any bags, aside from the ugly big bags they sold (which I really don't want nor need), so I had to carry them on the bus and home like this.

Unwrapping done!

This is what I did with the glass bottles. I can finally put those flowers I bought from Michael's a while back to good use now!

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